Admissions & Fees

At Cobbs Kidz Academy, our admissions process is designed to welcome families into our nurturing community. We strive to ensure a smooth and transparent enrollment experience, guiding parents through the process with care and attention. Our fees are structured to reflect the high-quality educational services and dedicated care provided to each child. We believe in offering competitive and transparent pricing, aligning with our commitment to providing an exceptional learning environment. For specific details regarding admissions and fees, please contact us directly. We’re here to address any queries and help families make informed decisions about their child’s educational journey.

Admission Inquiry


Cuddle cub corner:

Mon – Fri (5 days)

R700.00 per month

Buzzy bee barn:

Mon – Fri (5 days)

 R650.00 per month

Explorers empire:

Mon – Fri (5 days)

R550.00 per month

Come Visit Us

We warmly invite you to come and experience Cobbs Kidz Academy firsthand. Our doors are open for you to explore our vibrant learning spaces, meet our passionate educators, and witness the nurturing environment we’ve crafted for your child’s growth. Schedule a visit to see how we unlock potential, ignite minds, empower futures, and nurture dreams every day. We’re excited to welcome you into our community and share the Cobbs Kidz experience with you and your family.